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About Us

Geneva Smile Center is manned by only the best dentists you can find in the country. We have made sure to man our clinic with dentists that range in field expertise but share the same level of years of skill and experience.



General Dentistry

Are you just curious about the current state of your teeth? Well, the best answer to any problem is prevention. Visit us and have your teeth checked and examined right away!

Orthodontic Treatment

Tormented by misaligned teeth and abnormal positioning? Help treat it now with orthodontic appliances like braces, aligners, retainers, and more!

TMJ Treatment

Having trouble moving your mouth? Do you feel pain whenever you speak or chew? Our TMJ specialists are at the ready and prepared to free you of your problem!


Missing teeth is never easy. Having it replaced in conjunction with your needs is even harder. That’s why Geneva Smile Center only provides the best prosthodontic answers to that problem!

Oral Surgery

When an oral problem gets out of hand, it may not be wise to endure it even further. Visit us and we’ll present you with different options on how to treat it the right way.


Our teeth can not only be hurt from the outside, but on the pulp that’s found inside. Luckily, we have the best endodontic treatment for such a problem.


Don’t Wait! Book An Appointment Today!

The sooner you get that problem done, the sooner you can go back to normal and healthy living. So, don’t tarry any further and contact us when you can. We’ll be available at every day of the week ready to serve you and your teeth.


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