4 Unhealthy Foods For Your Teeth

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4 Unhealthy Foods For Your Teeth

Unhealthy foods for your teeth are found everywhere and usually in the most common things you eat or snack on every day. It’s important for you to get to know these types of foods if you want to preserve your oral hygiene. So, this article will go through four types of food that you should try and limit. We’re not saying you should cut them out of your life, but it is safe to say that they’ll do you good if you limit the amount you take in.

4 Unhealthy Foods For Your Teeth

Unhealthy foods for your teeth

  • Sugar – well know that too much sugar can be bad for your teeth but there are some types of food that come with a lot of sugar. First of all, avoid snacks that are filled with sugar and have a sticky texture. When paired together, these types of food can cause problems for your teeth. Also, try and be cautious with liquids that taste good but are packed with sugar.
  • Breadwe all love our pastries be it from regular white bread to glazed cinnamon rolls. However, it’s advised that you counteract bread with a lot of water. Why? When the bread is chewed, some parts of it stick on your teeth and bacteria can quickly break it down to glucose, which is a form of sugar.
  • Citrus Fruitswe’re not trying to say that you should limit your orange juice intake, but we are saying to watch out for those types of snacks. Citrus fruits are acidic and too much exposure can weaken the enamel of your teeth. We suggest that you balance this out with enough daily water intake.
  • Coffeeeveryone knows that coffee can stain our teeth can cause them to yellow. However, coffee can also cause a myriad of problems if we’re not careful. Some like to put sugar in their coffee which is already a red flag but caffeinated drinks also cause dry mouth. Dry mouths are more susceptible to tooth decay because there’s no saliva to regulate the bacteria in our mouth.

How to Fight These Problems

As mentioned in the beginning, we’re not trying to stay that you should stop taking these types of food in. All this article is trying to suggest is to be careful and make sure that you’re doing what’s necessary to fight the problems that they can cause.

Of course, the most obvious thing you can do first is to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once a day. Do this, and you should keep your teeth safe from danger.

Also, start getting a dental cleaning every six months or twice a year. This effectively removed any buildup of plaque and tartar that’s known to cause gum disease and decay.


The unhealthy foods for your teeth mentioned in this article is a reminder. A reminder that you need to be cautious when it comes to the welfare of your teeth. Also, if you want to learn more about these types of food, then try talking to your dentist.