5 Healthy Snacks For Your Teeth

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5 Healthy Snacks For Your Teeth

Healthy snacks for your teeth can be found in almost all the everyday foods that you consume. Some might be more obvious than others, but there are those that help strengthen your teeth even more. This information is especially helpful for individuals looking to reduce the amount of sugar they eat each day. If you still want a snack often then make sure to switch to these healthy ones. With that said, this article will list down the five best snacks for your teeth.

5 Healthy Snacks For Your Teeth

Milk, Cheese, and Yogurt


All three of the aforementioned dairy products are packed with calcium. Calcium helps strengthen your bones and your teeth are part of your bones. Our teeth may be one of the toughest things in our body, but it does need support from us too.

Try switching your ice cream with yogurt and your chocolate bars with hard cheese. Just make sure not to overwhelm your body with too much dairy.

Tuna, Mackerel, and Salmon

Healthy snacks for your teeth

You look at these three types of fish and you don’t exactly see a snack that’s healthy for your teeth. True, salmon, not the first thing to come to mind when thinking about a snack. However, it does come rich with Vitamin D.

How does Vitamin D help? Well, if you want your body to properly and efficiently absorb calcium then you’re going to need Vitamin D.


You might have already heard that too many citrus fruits can erode your teeth to some degree. However, oranges are packed with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps slow down gum disease as it makes your oral health a lot more resistant than normal.

Orange juice as well is known to come with Vitamin D, a helpful vitamin for your strengthening your teeth.

Green Tea

If you were to sip on green tea after a hefty meal, then you’re effectively stopping the rapid growth of tooth decay. How?

Green tea has polyphenols which come in contact with the bacteria in your mouth. The same bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

So, in short, if you want to reduce the chances of tooth decay from happening, then take a sip of green tea after a meal. Doing it once a day should be enough.


Apples are filled with moisture which helps regulate saliva production and it’s crunchy texture act as a scrub for your teeth.

With enough moisture, your teeth can fight off tooth decay by moving leftover food particles around.

Also, the rough texture of apples helps scrub off harmful bacteria on your teeth. These are the same bacteria that causes discoloration and decay. Snacking on 2 – 3 apples a day should keep your teeth healthy.


These healthy snacks for your teeth ensure that you’re keeping your teeth in best shape. It also doesn’t force you to give up on snacking if you’re a particularly into that past time in the first place. You can learn more if you decide to visit your dentist, they can give you a lot more tips regarding your teeth.