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Tooth decay harms the enamel and dentin of our teeth. When it gets to the pulp, it causes a severe pain. However, tooth decay isn’t the only problem that hurts the pulp within the tooth. Microbial invasions can still happen to result in an infected pulp. How does this happen? The main reason would be is tooth decay or a tooth that’s faced extreme physical trauma. Suffice to say, once a tooth’s pulp is exposed it’s liable to get infected.

With endodontics, your Pasay city dentist can fix this problem. The services under endodontics like a root canal treatment specializes in these kinds of problems. It cleans out the infected pulp of the tooth and sealing with off. A root canal treatment is a very important service because it deals with a problem that not a lot of services are geared towards. Make sure to have this problem fixed before it gets too out of hand.

The Benefits of Endodontics

Here are the main benefits one can expect from endodontics:

  • Relief – with an infected pulp, the patient will feel severe pain and discomfort. The patient won’t be able to live a normal life until the pain is resolved. Endodontics can rid you of this pain.

  • Dental Crown Opportunity – having a tooth’s pulp cleaned out will weaken it. This could be an opportunity for you to pay for a dental crown from our services. Dental crowns are an effective way of protecting and replacing severely damaged teeth.

  • Protection – when left to fester, an infected tooth will affect other teeth. If one infected tooth is bad enough, what would happen if a patient had two? With endodontics, the spread of infection is effectively removed.


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How Much Do Endodontics Cost?

The price of a root canal in Pasay City is Php 3,500 per canal. Once again, the sooner you get that infected pulp out the cheaper it will be for your end.