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General Dentistry

general dentistry

Our services cover your needs from examinations to basic procedures. We can help you even for the simplest services because we know how important these are for your dental health. So if you are looking for the best general dentistry services in Pasay City, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s important about general dentistry? General dentistry covers a wide range of services and procedures such as a dental cleaning, tooth restorations, and even cosmetic services like teeth whitening. All of these services are covered by general dentistry and each of them has their own purpose to fill. A dental cleaning removes the buildup of plaque and tartar, tooth restorations fix chipped and broken teeth, and bleaching grants the patient whiter teeth in only an appointment or two.

general dentistry
general dentistry

Our general dentistry services cover most of the basic procedures and examinations that a patient visits his/her dentist for. The service alone may sound simple, but it’s an important part of every great dental clinic in Pasay city.

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No matter how good or strict your oral hygiene methods are, it is still recommended to visit your Pasay city dentist for a cleaning. A cleaning ensures that plaque and tartar buildup behind the teeth are removed and your teeth stay clean for a few days after.

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A tooth is one of the strongest bones in our body. However, if bacteria is left to fester and decay is free to damage it, then our once mighty tooth is weakened. In situations like these, a patient must visit his/her dentist to get that tooth restored back to working order.

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A big part of our confidence starts in our smile. When we smile, we show the world our teeth so having a set of dark and yellowed teeth may not be the best anchor for a strong self-image. Having your teeth whitened by your dentist can help you in a number of ways.

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