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Oral Surgery


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Oral surgery involves the removal of a tooth through a series of steps with the use of different tools and equipment. How is this service important? When a tooth is deemed as too far gone, then the only thing you have to do is remove it. However, removing a tooth isn’t that easy especially if you’re doing it by yourself. It requires skill and experience. It is advised that you let your dentist do the extracting for you. It’s easier, safer, and quicker.
Since oral surgery involves the safe extraction of a tooth, it does mean that it also deals with an impacted wisdom tooth. The latter is much more difficult to do because impacted wisdom teeth are always situated at the back of your teeth placed in awkward positions. As an expert Pasay City dentist, Geneva Smiles’ oral surgery services will ensure that an impacted wisdom is removed as safely and as painlessly as possible.

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An oral surgery procedure is usually done under one appointment. Make sure to make room for two days, one for the appointment and another for the immediate healing time after. It’s not advised to do anything physically draining after an oral surgery.

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Simple Extraction

A simple extraction involves removing a damaged tooth that’s beyond repairs. The damage could have been due to severe decay or major physical trauma. In situations wherein a tooth needs to be extracted, it’s recommended to get an immediate replacement.

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This kind of extraction involves a more complex procedure for removing a tooth. This technique is usually used for removing impacted wisdom tooth since an impacted wisdom tooth can be a challenge for the dentist.

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