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Our teeth aren’t the only crucial part of our oral health. There’s also our gums and the roots that make up the most important part of our teeth. These two parts of our oral health are subject to diseases that can damage them. The main disease that affects these parts is known as periodontitis. With this problem, the gums and the surrounded structures are inflamed. The disease is caused by a particular bacteria in the gums. You might know of this disease because it’s also known as Gum Disease.

Gum disease can prove to be hazardous to your oral health if you leave it to fester. If you do start to find symptoms of the disease, then its advised to visit your nearest Pasay city dentist and avail their services for periodontics. Don’t let the problem grow worse when you have the opportunity to remove it. Act on it as you are able to.

The Benefits of Periodontics

Here are some of the main benefits of periodontics and how it helps you and your teeth in the future.

  • A Better Smile – gum disease can hurt your teeth in a number of ways. When the gums are affected, so does the teeth that it holds. With periodontics, the effects of gum disease are prevented thus saving your smile.

  • It Stops Tooth Decay – since periodontics deals with cleansing the bacteria that causes gum disease, the bacteria that also causes tooth decay will be affected as well. With tooth decay temporarily stopped, your teeth can enjoy a time of healthy bliss.


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How Much Do Periodontics Cost?

The price of price of periodontics in Pasay City is Php 3,500 per quadrant. The price will go up depending on the magnitude or level of restoration needed. This would mean that the sooner you’re getting that problem fixed, the cheaper it is for you.