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TMJ Treatment

The Temporomandibular Joint or TMJ is a certain part of your lower jaw that connects to the temporal bones in your skull. It acts as a hinge that allows your jaw to move up and down and from one side to the other. Basically, it’s responsible for everyone’s ability to talk, chew, and more.

The problem comes when a pain is felt around the ears where the TM joint is located. A patient may feel pain whenever they open their mouth or even feel a slight ring in their ears.

When you are suffering from this kind of problem, you may have to visit your nearest Pasay city dentist for a TMJ treatment. Fortunately for you, Geneva smiles have its own specialists that offer the best TMJ treatment around

Benefits of TMJ Treatment

Visiting your dentist for a TMJ treatment in Pasay City can spell wonders for you and your health. Have the pain treated as soon as you can because no one deserves to fight through it.

  • Back To Normal – try opening your mouth as wide as you can. Now imagine a sharp pain felt whenever you try doing that. Getting a TMJ treatment can make that pain go away if you do start to experience it.

  • No Need To Be Cautious – fighting through the pain in your TMJ can force you to adopt different methods of speaking and chewing. You’re basically cautious of what you do with your jaw.


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How Much Does a TMJ Treatment Cost?

Our TMJ Treatment service starts at Php 45,000 because it covers different methods done by specialists who can ensure effective treatment for the price asked. Treating a TM joint disorder is no easy feat and getting rid of it requires skill and experience.