Why Is Orthodontics Important For Our Teeth?

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Why Is Orthodontics Important For Our Teeth?

Why is orthodontics important? Orthodontics covers a wide range of treatment that involves the very structure of teeth. If you have never heard of it before, then you have most probably heard of its product: dental braces. This branch of dentistry has been responsible for giving a lot of patients straighter teeth. The latter of which being a general benefit over crooked teeth. This article will answer the question – why is orthodontics important – by listing down all of its benefits.

Why Is Orthodontics Important?

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These are the main benefits of orthodontics:

  • A Better Smile – straightening your teeth not only benefits your oral health but also your general image. Smiling with a straight set of teeth is much better than having crooked teeth. If you have always been self-conscious about your smile due to your teeth, then straightening them out will help you out a lot.
  • Easier Chewing – everyone who experienced a case of crooked teeth knows that chewing their food can be a hassle. Patients are likely to exert more effort in chewing their food if they have crooked teeth. Doing so not only puts a strain on their teeth but also causes TMJ disorders.
  • Easier To Clean – brushing your crooked teeth is harder to keep clean because the patient will miss key areas. These areas will become hot spots for bacteria to flourish in and eventually form as plaque and tartar. Said problems can grow worse and can cause tooth decay, cavities, and even gum disease.
  • Saves Your Teeth – you know what happens when teeth are hard to maintain? The risk of tooth decay rises. What happens when tooth decay grows worse? It damages your teeth to the point that it may never be fixed again. When this happens, you are forced to have said teeth removed or else it affects all the other teeth in that area.
  • Prevention – suffice to say, straightening your teeth not only helps you get a better smile but it also prevents a lot of problems from happening. It spares you the time, effort, and money spent trying to keep these problems at bay. Why go through all these issues when you can pay your orthodontist to help prevent them?

How Much Is Orthodontics Treatment?

Well, that depends. However, the most basic orthodontic treatment is through the use of dental braces.

As an example, the average cost of braces in Pasay city starts at Php 30,000 but it can go up to Php 120,000 depending on a few factors.

Yes, it is expensive and can be a bit of a hassle at first, but it is nothing compared to the problems you face if you don’t get it. Take it from us, it’s a whole lot better to face the problem now rather than having to face it in the future.


Make sure to talk to your orthodontist about this issue because it’ll help give you the insight and information needed to make the right decision. Doing so will save you precious time and money in the future.